Balance Training

During walking and standing, the body constantly sways. The greater the deviation, the worse the balance. The faster and more accurately the balance system is informed about the body's swaying, the quicker and more effectively the balance system can minimize body swaying using muscle movements, thereby maintaining proper balance.

The speed at which information moves within the balance system is very high. The fastest men in the world can run 100 meters in less than 10 seconds, meaning they cover 10 meters in one second.

At such speeds, the balance system can comfortably work and maintain balance throughout many micro-movements. This is the power of Medicovi insoles. The hydraulic pressure waves in the insoles form extremely quickly, enabling consistently faster, clearer, and more pronounced balance improvement while also enhancing the effect on sensory nerves in the foot.

Balance Issues

Medicovi orthopedic insoles are considered a technical tool, much like glasses - they act just as quickly. Their importance lies in the unique water wave therapy continuously providing information to the body's vestibular (balance) system. Depending on the specific problem, the extent to which the balance system can benefit from better information varies.
Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

The effect of Medicovi insoles on improving balance in patients with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) depends on the degree of damage to the nervous system. Still, if the foot's sensory nerves are actively engaging with the balance system, Medicovi insoles can improve balance. For patients with a compromised sense of balance after a stroke, Medicovi insoles accelerate rehabilitation.

For older individuals prone to falls, Medicovi insoles offer increased confidence.
Studies have shown that in many cases, mercury can be replaced with Medicovi T40 insoles.

Unfortunately, balance issues are often associated with pain in the feet, legs, and the rest of the musculoskeletal system. Especially, Medicovi T45 orthopedic insoles offer not just improved balance but also relief from pain in the arch, heel, loins, and back.

Water Wave Therapy

Water wave therapy is a unique orthopedic therapy based on the constant movement of the feet, triggered by water waves in Medicovi insoles.

The reason for the immediate relief from foot pain is the speed at which hydraulic pressure waves of water move in Medicovi orthopedic insoles. The use of water in Medicovi insoles aligns with the latest scientific and technical knowledge. The water in Medicovi insoles creates continuously changing pressure waves that act on the foot's surface within milliseconds.

Medicovi orthopedic insoles can be compared to prescription glasses - both act equally fast.