The Sport 100 insoles are designed for immediate improvement in stability. Specially developed for athletes. Relief from foot pain, knees, lower back, and back.

Sport 100

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The Sport 100 insoles are designed for immediate improvement in stability. Specially developed for athletes. Relief from foot pain, knees, lower back, and back.

Sport 100

Regular price€65,00
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The MEDICOVI S100 insoles are suitable for:

Protection for the knees, hips, and back

The insoles have a completely smooth surface to allow the natural cushioning system to work optimally, as the hydraulic, sensory pressure wave of water is constantly varied by the foot. This leads to a natural load on the musculoskeletal system.

Protection for the heel and Achilles tendon

The hydraulic pressure water waves in the Sport 100 insoles stimulate the tendons in the feet through a constant massage using pressure water waves, leading to increased movement that significantly enhances the flexibility of the horizontal connective tissue in the foot.

Balance system

The hydraulic waves in the insoles are generated at an extremely high speed, providing constant, increased, more pronounced, and rapidly balancing effects on the sensory nerves in the feet.


Playing a game that involves sudden changes in speed and bursts of strength can challenge your body's balance system. However, by giving it a helping hand, you can significantly improve your overall game.


While modern footwear tends to concentrate the forces on the sole to one side and shocks only to one side of the sole, the Sport 100 insoles provide a balanced distribution of force for a more efficient and balanced running experience for your feet.

Medicovi Sport 100

Medicovi Sport 100 orthopedic insoles are suitable for instant stability enhancement and fall prevention. Specially designed for athletes, they offer immediate relief from heel pain, metatarsal pain, front foot pain, knee pain, lower back pain, and back pain.

Suitable for:

Knee, hip, and back pain
Heel and Achilles tendon protection

Designed for Sports

Medicovi Sport 100 insoles provide orthopedic comfort and support, emphasizing sports activity. An extra soft heel area cushions impacts during foot strike and simultaneously improves balance.

Better Stability

Whether you run, walk, or play a team sport, Medicovi's Sport 100 insoles are designed to keep you balanced during sports activities.

Water Wave Therapy

The hydraulic pressure waves in Medicovi orthopedic insoles stimulate the feet to constantly move. These movements spread from the feet further into the musculoskeletal system, automatically ensuring pain relief and a relaxed posture.

Upon foot strike, the damping prompts hydraulic pressure waves in Medicovi orthopedic insoles to perform a series of vertical movements. These movements enhance natural pain relief, especially during prolonged standing.

Insole Specifications


The Sport 100 insoles are ideal for wider shoes and are designed to complement the shape and movement of muscles and tendons in the feet, so carefully select your size.

Type of Shoe

Designed for large and wide sports shoes, such as sneakers.

Foot, Knee, Lower Back, and Back Pain

Provides effective relief from pain with regular use.

Insole Thickness

The front foot area and heel area have a thickness of 4.5 mm and offer the perfect combination of support and sports performance.

Developed in Denmark

The MEDICOVI sensor-filled water orthopedic insole was developed using advanced medical knowledge at the Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine (ICMM) of the University of Copenhagen and the Center for Sensory-Motor Interaction of Aalborg University in Denmark.

How to measure correctly?

Medicovi orthopedic insoles are a functional product that actively works with the muscles and tendons of the feet. For their correct functionality, it is essential that the insole size corresponds to the actual length of the foot and not the size and numbering of the shoe.

Before ordering, we recommend measuring the foot from the heel to the toe and then comparing the measured value in centimeters with the size chart available on this page for each insole type.

Example of measuring foot length
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EU cm UK inch
34 - 35 22.5 2 - 3 8.8
36 - 37 24.0 3½ - 4½ 9.4
38 - 39 25.5 5 - 6 10
40 - 41 27.5 6½ - 7½ 10.8
42 - 43 28.5 8 - 9 11.2
44 - 45 30.0 10 - 11 11.8
46 - 47 31.5 12 - 13 12.4