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We are looking for suitable insoles for you

How often should I replace insoles?

The frequency of insole replacement will depend on the materials they are made from, as well as how they are used. Regardless of brand or quality, over time wear and tear will diminish their comfort. Each manufacturer recommends their replacement time. We recommend replacing Medicovi insoles every six months.

How do I know if Medicovi insoles will be suitable for me?

It has been proven that Medicovi insoles in a laboratory environment help maintain balance and proper posture, leading to pain relief for many customers. Over 95% of those who purchase Medicovi insoles keep them even after the 30-day money-back guarantee. With thousands of positive reviews and more than 1.2 million pairs sold, we believe that your daily movement will improve with Medicovi insoles.

Do I need to buy larger shoes to fit the insoles?

No, the size of the Medicovi insoles should match the length of the foot and not the shoe size. Since the foot is typically shorter than the shoe itself, the size of the Medicovi insole won't be larger than the shoe size.