Relief for Ankles, Knees, Loins, and Back

All parts of the body are interconnected, forming a kinetic chain. The feet are the foundation of this kinetic chain, which continues through the ankles, knees, loins, and up to the spine.

Experts agree that improper foot positioning can create a domino effect of poor posture throughout the body, which then spreads through the ankles, knees, hips, back, and neck. Muscles and tendons are then overworked to stabilize the body posture, resulting in pain.

The unique water wave therapy of Medicovi orthopedic insoles not only provides effective shock absorption during foot-strike but also instant pain relief. This absorption stimulates the hydraulic pressure waves in the Medicovi insoles to perform a series of vertical motions. These movements enhance the natural pain damping by acting on the foot pads, especially during prolonged standing.

The hydraulic pressure waves of sensory water wave therapy in Medicovi orthopedic insoles prompt the feet to move constantly. These movements radiate from the feet upward through the musculoskeletal system, automatically ensuring pain relief and a relaxed posture.

With maximal body rotation side to side, we feel that the rotational movement with Medicovi orthopedic insoles results in less strain on the ankles, knees, loins, and back than when rotating without the Medicovi insoles. The same sensation is felt even when barefoot on hard, uneven ground. Reduced strain on the ankles, loins, and back subsequently results in pain relief.

The water in Medicovi orthopedic insoles acts like an additional joint. Feet can move freely inside the shoe without losing body equilibrium. In rotation, the knee and loin joints are thus protected.

The more foot movement is restricted by traditional footwear with arch-support insoles (custom-made insoles), the greater and more painful the strain on the ankles, knees, loins, and back. Concurrently, the effectiveness of the foot's natural spring system diminishes.

Pain Relief with Medicovi Insoles

Traditional shoes and insoles with raised (molded) arches restrict the natural movement of the feet, creating dangerous and painful strains on the knees, loins, and back. All Medicovi orthopedic insoles are designed with a surface that allows for the maximum natural activity of the cushioning system..

The sensory water wave therapy in Medicovi orthopedic insoles ensures that the sole of the foot is constantly exposed to changing stress, resulting in a very effective analgesic (pain-dampening) effect on musculoskeletal pains. .

Water wave therapy in Medicovi orthopedic insoles also improves the blood flow to tendons and muscles in the feet, thereby reducing the fatigue of the foot's natural spring system. Improved circulation eliminates the feeling of "cold feet."

The active movement of foot tendons and muscles through water wave therapy with Medicovi insoles is an effective method to alleviate or completely remove pain in the heel area as well as in the feet, ankles, knees, loins, and back.